Sourcing Reinvented!

Launching in 2019

Sourcing Reinvented!

Launching in 2019

Sourcing Reinvented!

Launching in 2019

Buy Any Light


BUY ANY LIGHT (BAL) is an innovative lighting sourcing platform which connects seller and buyers directly together without the need of an intermediary. This platform works with sellers such as manufacturers, distributors, as well as the buyers who can be retailers, contractors, or the end user who need to source substantial number of lights. There are no intermediaries on the BAL platform so both the buyers and sellers can get the best deal out of every procurement project.

The BAL platform is unique because it automates most of the e-commerce process. The seller does not have to invest ample time setting up the e-commerce store. Instead, they can focus on their core service while the BAL platform funnels laser targeted Request for Quotes (RFQs) from qualified buyers. Moreover, buyers sourcing for lighting products no longer must do the research manually. They can directly send out an RFQ and receive quotes from world-class companies. The BAL platform also presents the user with powerful tools to filter quotes and streamline the best ones for manual review.



Join Over 1000+ People


Receive Thousands of Enquiries from Buyers Worldwide


Buy Any LED Light directly from the Manufacturer at Best Prices




The seller who can be manufacturers and distributors are required to register on the BUY ANY LIGHT platform. The registration process requires necessary information about the company such as the year of establishment, product offerings, location and others.

The Verified Badge

The sellers have an option to upgrade the status of the account to “Verified” by submitting specific documents for evaluation by BAL. After verification, the user receives the “Verified” badge on the profile which increases the trust of the seller brand that gives the seller a competitive advantage.

No Frontend Store

On the BUY ANY LIGHT platform, the suppliers do not have to upload or list products in a frontend store like other e-commerce sites. All that is required is to select the category of lights that they can provide, and the seller will be set to receive Request for Quotes (RFQs).

The Sellers Backend Office

The seller accounts have a backend office where they can see all the buyer requests for the types of light they can provide. The seller can choose to respond for an RFQ and submit the quote along with the visuals of the product to the buyer through the private messaging system of BAL.

Flexible Pricing

BUY ANY LIGHT allows the sellers to be flexible with their quotes by not listing the price in public. Therefore, a seller can decide to quote at a higher or lower price depending on specific factors such as inventory, demand for the product, seasonal sales, clearance sales, increase in costs of production, and many more. BAL will also give the sellers a price range of other quotes received already.

Completely Free

BUY ANY LIGHT platform is entirely free for all sellers. The buyer can continue to use other existing sales channels such as e-commerce sites and online stores. The BUY ANY LIGHT platform serves as an additional sales channel that helps the manufacturer gain access to niche buyers for their products. Just register and sign in every day to view RFQs

More Features

The sellers can gain a competitive advantage in the BAL marketplace by purchasing packages that give the company more exposure to laser targeted buyer audience. These features include priority listing and privileged access to quotes on an RFQ.

B2C Buyers

Private Buyers


The buyers are required to register before using the BUY ANY LIGHT platform. There are no special registration requirements besides choosing the login parameters.

Source Products

The BAL platform saves the buyer the hassles of checking out products from different sellers and comparing their prices and features. Simply choose a category of light you need, select the mandatory elements and post an RFQ. The platform presents the buyer with options to choose such as warranty, lumen per watt, wattage, colour and many more. The buyer has a choice of requesting specific brands and can upload the image of a particular model in the RFQ.

Receive Quotes

The buyer starts to receive quotes from different manufacturers hours after posting an RFQ. Various manufacturers that provide the requested product offers attractive prices that can be 95% cheaper than what is available in the local store.

World Class Products

With over 5000 manufacturers in the BUY ANY LIGHT platform the buyer has access to products from various world-class companies. Many of the sellers are contract manufacturers for world-class brands such as PHILLIPS, OSRAM, LEDVANCE, GE Lighting, Panasonic, etc. The product offerings are of excellent quality but come with a cheaper price tag because buyers are transacting directly with manufacturers without the middleman.

Buyers Backend Office

The BUY ANY LIGHT platform provides the buyers with excellent features that enables them to filter the quotes automatically based on predefined factors such as price, the location of the factory, number of workers, previous buyer ratings, and many more. The filtering takes a couple of seconds and allows the buyer to streamline the best offer and choose a supplier to patronize.

Service Fee

The buyers who source for light on the BAL platform will have to choose a package that enables them to send specific numbers of RFQ per month. The charges are negligible, and the users do not have to pay if they are not sourcing for products.


B2B Buyers

Lighting Companies Worldwide

On many occasions, lighting companies miss out of supply contracts because they do not have the requested products in stock and cannot source for the target model on schedule. The procedure of contacting the existing supplier for specific models or searching for new suppliers can be a waste of valuable time on supply projects with strict deadlines. BUY ANY LIGHT is the perfect sourcing platform for businesses and suppliers who cannot afford to waste precious time on less productive product sourcing platforms.

With BUY ANY LIGHT, lighting companies, and contractors can source for products with a high level of precision, receive multiple quotes and filter them in seconds using the advanced filtering options in the Buyer’s backend Office of the BUY ANY LIGHT platform. Buyers are able to offer their clients the best products at reasonable prices and also increase their profit at the same time. The B2B buyers have access to all the features of the B2C buyers described above.


Why Use Buy Any Light?

Buy any light provides both sellers and buyers with unique advantages that give a Win-Win edge to all users of the platform. Below is some unique value the platform provides for buyers and sellers alike.

  • BUY ANY LIGHT platform is completely free for sellers who can register and receive RFQs
  • It is easy to set up, there is no need for a tedious process of listing products
  • Sellers can give a flexible price for each quote basis the scarcity factor, the target market, etc.
  • Get access to thousands of niche product buyers across the globe without spending a dime on marketing.
  • Easy to use interface and feature-rich supplier dashboard for easy administration and communication.
  • Get priority listing and gain a competitive advantage in the market.
  • Reduce the time spent on sourcing for light products by over 90%.
  • Create advanced product requirement in RFQ easily by selecting from predefined options.
  • Get quotes with a high level of precision for requested products from world-class manufacturers.
  • Use the advanced quote filter to streamline the quotes and pick the best ones for manual review.
  • Get the best price for products at up to 95% cheaper than what is available at the local stores.
  • Buyers can negotiate with sellers to get a better deal on quotes.
  • Save the cost of traveling to Lighting Fairs, and to make procurements.


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